~Maisie in Un-Jour on Elliot

Meet Maisie Teardrop of CC Decor, one of my closest friends in SL.  A fellow Brit who shares the same passion for Japanese design as I do.  I hope this picture captures a little of her personality which is inexhaustible kindness, generosity & deep loyalty. Don’t be fooled by the serene look though..she is also extremely funny & often makes me giggle at her witty take on the absurdities in life (rl & sl of course grins*).  Just don’t mention male avis in denim  faded flares & bad shoes (Maisie hates them! The flares & shoes I mean…) .  The mere sight of them sends Maisie teleporting home…hehe.  Think Jeremy Clarkson…(for those unfamiliar with Jeremy Clarkson..he is a British motormouth with a mop of arrggg…frizzzy, flakey encrusted hair & faded flared denim & mismatched shoes…truely awful).  Am sure Maisie  has a special HUD to shield her from such a sight lolz!  That said Maisie always patiently helps those willing to be released from the shackles of their umm…faded flares & bad shoes 🙂 . Maisie has an amazing sense of style & loves exploring  SIMS & rooting out great finds such as this beautiful shop above called Un-Jour on Elliot. It sells the most extraordinary sculpty floral headdresses such as the one modelled by Maisie.  I also love the spider headdress (seen in the background) which I hope to get very soon!  Adorable shop & SIM. 


~Skin @ Laqroki

~Hair @ Curio

~Toujours Ensemble Hat @ Un-Jour on Elliot

~Holly Shape @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes:: (Limited Edition Valentine Gift)


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