This is a quick post to remind you that there are still lots of goodies to be scooped up at the Accessory Fair 2010! (ends 27th March). I know I might have gone for slight overkill with the jewels (lolz) but I wanted to illustrate that it really is worth getting some of these gifties (most of which are on sale for as little as $0 to $10!). Also don’t forget to check out some of the beautiful jewels gifted to the Relay For Life* (find the drop sculpty necklace by YABUSAKA which is stunning! All proceeds to RFL). The skinny Jeans* are my current favorite by OMFG for KA. Gorgeous jeans! Visit Tomoto* for the jewelled Star Pumps (free!). Hair is by Shag..gosh I love this hair…& love the shop! (also free in Subscribo so grab it quick!). Pink MPhone is by MStyle (fabby & plays music! Love it!)
~Mermaid Earrings & Bracelet @ Ganked (Glance Accessory Fair 2010)
~Pink MPhone @ MStyle (Free! in Subscribo)
~Dot Lashes @ Vision (Tip: Lots of lucky chairs & an MM at Vision. Amazing Eyes & lashes!)
~Champs de Fleurs B Necklace & Ballet pumps@ Tomoto (Pumps are Free! Necklace is previous gift)
~La la Love me Blonde Hair @ Shag (Free! in Subscribo)
~Skin @ League
~Shape Florrie* @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes:: (New!)
~Nicole White Top @ Kush (New!Also comes in Black & pink )
~Skinny Jeans @ KA (by OMFG)
Whoops! Lost an!  :)))

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