RFL Clothes Fair 2010 has begun!

|Introduction| to RFL Clothing Fair (13th-21st March):

~For those unfamiliar with RFL (Relay For Life) it is one of the premier fundraising events for the American Cancer Society. Various fundraising events are held to raise money towards research into better forms of cancer treatment, as well as supporting families & carers etc.  


~In terms of SL, what began as a moderately small Clothing Fair has developed into an awesome event, attracting 150 super talented designers over 9 SIMS to bring you the best of SL fashion.  The designers have generously donated their time & lindens freely & will provide atleast 4 creations with all proceeds going to RFL. 

~The event also features a  HOST of talented sculpters, artists & builders who have fashioned composites of the 8 Greatest Cities of the world  especially to mark the event. This is a great opportunity to explore the fashionable cities of the world as well as have lots of fun shopping whilst supporting a hugely worthy cause!     

|The RFL Clothing Fair 2010  features|:

~Over 150 Clothing Designers

~Live Music and DJ’s to keep you entertained while you shop

~St. Patrick’s Day Party with RL Keltic Music performed by LabGraal

~Photo Contest

~Fashion Shows

~Treasure Hunts and much more…..

~See more at the official website: http://slrflclothingfair.blogspot.com/

Caution: PLEASE reduce the risk of being kippered by *uggerly lag* by removing all bling bling, high prim hair, scripted clothes & footwear & ALL unnecessary HUDS etc…..check your ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost) which you should aim to keep less than 5 (yes it can be done :)).  Check your ARC by going to Advanced, Rendering, Info Displays, Avatar Rendering Costs).

Lastly, have a great time!  Remember the event runs until 21 March so you can take it all in bite size pieces..

Go Here

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