Arctic Rebel

I love womanly.  I love pretty.  But I also love a little rebel*.  This look was inspired by my visit to Melt yesturday (a showcase if Arctic inspired creations open unitil 21 March).  The Arctic Ice* skin is a real departure from my beloved Tuli* but I fancied ringing the changes (ie having a change from the norm). Besides, it is soo incredibly well made I could not resist! 

The sneakers were generoulsy donated to me for review a few days ago & I am ashamed to confess that I “lost” them in my ever increasing monster  inventory.  I searched under “2Real & sneakers” but to no avail.  Then I realised they were called Pure* & up they popped (to my huge relief!).  And I was absolutely thrilled with them!  The HUD itself is a work of art.   It has a colourful display menu which allows a choice of colours for the sneakers & laces, patterns..omg..just wow!  Blokes will have a lot of fun “fiddling” with said menu (& we all know how guys love to fiddle! giggles*).  The clever peeps behind this new generation creation are onto a winner & I was pleased to see they are making HUGE waves on the blogosphere!  More pics below:

The sneakers close up…


~Arctic Ice Skin @ Melt

~Mimi shape @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes::

~Pure Sneakers @ 2Real

~Necklace @ Bracelet @ Dark Mouse

~Bra @ 5th & Oxford

~Jeans @ Deetalez (Free! Spring Hunt Item Tip: look for flower)

~Silver Hair @ I Love Olive

~Model Chair @ Morantique (previous Hunt Item)


3 thoughts on “Arctic Rebel

  1. omgz. i love those sneakers. pretty expensive (the ones with all the colour change options) but i may just gotta have ’em.

  2. update… they are mine!

    haha. yes. that quick. 🙂

    ty for reminding me that i had to have these and thus cleaning me out!!

  3. hehhee Squashypoos….you have great taste as always! Yes these are probs the best lindens can buy and the options will keep those naughty squashypoos fingers very busy matching the sneakers to every outfit lol! Also no more worrying about matching prim feet skin tones to legs..arrrgggg. Blissss…hugzxxxxxxxxxxx

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