~With Love Rosey*…[OMFG]..it’s the Accessory Fair!

I am mad about hair corsages, ever since I discovered them in AtomicBambi’s shop (this was waaaaaay before she became a big name on the SL fashion scene & I was but a few months old hehe).  I was soo thrilled when redsoledrea Gossipgirl sent me a copy of this beautiful *With Love Rosey* Hair Corsage from [OMFG].  It is just one of many innovative designs which can be found at the Accessory Fair 2010. It has a *colour change menu* with a choice of 4 colours (to change the inner & outer petals) as well as HUGE selection of colourful gemstones for the inner circulating twinkling diamond (yes it moves..a really simple idea but SOO effective).  You could spend HOURS playing with colour combinations! *giggles*.  The hair corsage adds a really feminine to touch to any outfit, including the simple black gown such as the one above from Kouse Sanctum. I edited the corsage a little & moved it to the right, although by default it sits on the left temple.  As for the skin, I confess I struggled a little in choosing a suitable one for this look as I wanted the corsage to stand out & sooo…I opted for one of my favorite skins (Misty by League). Finally, *Dark Mouse* earrings & bracelet completed the look. The set comes with necklace too (not shown). I love Dark Mouse jewels! Really super designs! Dark Mouse can also be found at the fair.  


~With Love Rosey Hair Corsage by OMFG @ Accessory Fair 2010 (Shop #24)

~Earings & bracelet from Dark Mouse @ Accessory Fair 2010

~Misty Skin @ League

~Amber Shape @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes::

~Mouse hair @ Mikan ($1).  Find a great Lucky Board here as well as anther dollarbie

~Diana Gown in Midnight @ Kouse’s Sanctum


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