~22769 It’s Just Pixels!

When I first put on this outfit I thought “wow”.  How cool is this! Man I felt like a rock god. This new stylish men’s shop, 22769 It’s Just Pixels!, launched on Valentine’s day, by the duo, Paco Pooley, & partner Manuel Ormidale, is quickly establishing itself as one to watch! 22769 has a collection of sculpty casual clothes that would rival even the most distinguished fashion houses in SL, all at a fraction of the price!  The *Leather Pilot Jacket* & *Brown Leather Pants* featured above are a great combination, & work well with that casual, rock god look that is carried so well by the Dominic Shape*. 22769 also has a *vintage-line*  dedicated to *steampunkish* & *dramatic costumy* outfits if you really want to take the boat out (more on this to follow). All items can be purchased separately.  Fancy a bit of costume drama?  Then you might like the *Vintage Style* range..layered & understated  (currently 20% off). Another notable feature of 22769 is that not only that the clothes are extremely affordable (especially for the quality), but 22769 also offers a  “complete” outfit for under $300.  Fantastic value, & useful  if you find mixing & matching of items a bit of a headache. (Cue the hair pulling moments when Xanthe’s buddy, Arthurx tries to create a complete outfit).  Man…Xanthe pours herself a glass of wine in readiness..she has the patience.  I will just send Arth to 22769.  Hey, I almost forgot. Surfer style! Great for beach parties or milling around with the missus..even if she does complain about wanting it skimpier hehe)..There is a huge collection of surfer shorts so you can sneak on a pair when she isn’t looking . Grins*  Finally….22769 is also participating in the *Make Him Over Hunt* which starts on 1st April.  You might also like to search for the yellow banana (Banana Sim Hunt).  You never know…you might find more than just a soft centre inside. Not in me though.  I am a hard nut to crack..hehe



~Brown Leather Pilot Jacket @ 22769 It’s Just Pixels

~Brown Leather Pants @ 22769 It’s Just Pixels

~Hair in Onyxy @ Mischief Boy

~Aviation Tattoo @ Aitui

~Aviator Glasses @ HOC

~Thomas Skin @ Belleza

~Dominic Shape @ CS Shapes for Men

~Brown Work Boots @ Magi Take

~Location @ Glam Affair

2 thoughts on “~22769 It’s Just Pixels!

  1. heyyy! i READ some of your posts u know! lmao!!!!! better take me on that “make him over hunt” i guess! hahha

    1. whoops! Am busted huh? Aww..man you gotta check out the surf trunks in this dude shop…you don’t need to worry about matching shoes and jacket hehe…and that would make it the quickest shop for Arthurx & Xanthe…heheh :)))

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