~Boom* with deer….

Hunting deer today..hehe..actually that is not strictly true.  Much as I love venison, these little creatures look far too cute to eat! 🙂 . I must say, taking this shot was some feat.  The little deer would not keep still!  Much of the time he would climb the hill before rather pityingly tumbling down.  Poor thing.  In case you are wondering about the outdoor theme, I am on Nature’s Hunt* Check  here for details). I was looking for comfy clothes before resuming the hunt when this micro Boom* skirt popped up for review. Adorable little skirt with lots of delicate shading & short enough for one to check whether they have built in panties (they do…phew 🙂 ).  Also comes in several colours.  And skirt goes really well the previous Boom* sculpty top in earth!  The Pompski Boots & necklace are oldies but goodies.  Cute minnie mouse Hair is from Mikan (Lucky Board).


~Hope Tank in Earth* @ Boom

~Verie Mini Skirt in Khaki @ Boom

~Pompski Coffee Candy Boots@ Kookie

~Momo Kair in Expresso @ Mikan (Lucky Board)

~Misty Skin @ League

~Amber Shape @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes::

~Bohemia Necklace @ LeeZu!


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