~Adorable, oriental Kiku* Shape (featuring lots of goodies)

This super cute shape was inspired by the fabulous Paris Skin from Clinic.  I have been dying to make an oriental shape for some time & the skin propelled me into action this weekend (or it might have been the mini tornado* in the form of a friend’s 18 month kiddie who came to visit.  I am still trying to find my cell phone which has mysteriously “dissappeared” hehe).

Anyway, I fiddled tons with this shape, and I confess the nose was really tricky dicky as I wanted to retain the soft rounded oriental features. I adore the petiteness of this shape..I mean you just want to scoop her up or worship her really…LOL!

This hair is really fun & suits the face perfectly (tho Elfers described is as a haircut mummy would give you after a few shots of one gin too many..hehe)…..

Credits: (Pic 1 & 2)

~Kiku* Oriental, Petite  Shape @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes::

~Paris Skin* @ Clinic ($50 Weekend Fever)

~Pattootie Corset in Cherry @Addict

~Okappa Hair @ Tomoto ($1)

~Autumn Eyes @ Poetic Colors

~Stockings & panties @ KUSH

Credits: Pic 3

~St Valentain hair @ Mischief Boy (Free!)

~*G Field* Off-Shoulder Chiffon Dress@ @GF (Subscribo Gift)

~Hair Corsage @ Tomoto (about $10)


Xanthe xx

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