~Dexter is special if a little dangerous…:P

This dude shape* is something else….Dexter* has a sophisticated mind with lots of rough edges.  He reads Letham, Foer, Dostoevsky, Hemingway & smelly old comic books.  He loves his iphone,  rock music with a dash of contemporary jazz & indie. He is hard to tame..one of the boys…&  he can rough & tumble with the rest of them & has the scars to prove it.  But get him alone and you will find an attentive, probing mind..intense eyes that reach deep.  Makes you melt….but you never quite know what he is thinking….he makes you wait…..catch him at the Bolt Hole if you dare…

Phoaaarrrr………..can’t breathe….;P

Find him here:  CS Shapes for Men at the Bolt Hole


Skin @ LaVie (Free! Group Join)

Eyes @ Poetic Colours

Hair @ Bryce

Piercings @ HOD

Shorts @ W&D (Free! Group Gift)


4 thoughts on “~Dexter is special if a little dangerous…:P

  1. oh my word. he was hot when you first showed him to me and now he just got hotter. i love a man who reads novels *and* comic books. (his body honestly hav nothing to do with it!)

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