~Striking a note with English style Glamour…

This impossibly “luxe” look is courtesy of Khush & Glam Affair.  Khush is famous for it’s super shimmery, sequined figure hugging mini dresses & the headine grabbing skin is from Glam Affair (which I have to say adds even more opulence to the overall look!).  Perfect for a haughty pose or if you want make a grand entrance..I haven’t added jewels as the skin and outfit speak for themselves…


~Silver Sequin Linn Mini Dress @ Khush

~Glam Affair Valentine Skin @ Glam Affair (Free! Valentine Hunt Gift)

~Sweet Rosie* Shape @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes:: (Free! Valentine Group Giftie)

~Petite Hair in Blonde @ KC (Free! Subscribo giftie)

~Hair Corsage de Fleurs Noirs @ Tomoto

~Valentine Eyes @ Poetic Colours (Free!  These eyes have a tiny heart inscribed in the iris)

~Ciggie by Personal

~Pic taken @ Glam Affair


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