~Vintage chic @ KBL (review item)

This edgy designer has launched this cute little outfit which reminds me of the modest vintage style 1950’s swimsuits hense the addition of the teal glasses from Artilleri (free!) &  the silk floral backdrop.  I have gone for the natural look but this outfit can certainly be “dirtied up”  with more striking skin & hair.  The outfit comes with a tutu skirt (shown below) & and you can choose from a variety of vibrant colours (black, pink, red & blue).

Shortie style!

Hair is by Liriope……

Tutu style!


~Tricor Outfit @ KBL

~Leafy Misos Natural Skin @ Leafy ($125 pre-release offer)

~MRI Midbrown Hair @ Liriope

~Nora Teal Glasses @ Artilleri (NEW! & Free!)

~Auriole Shape (coming soon!) @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes::

~Aurora Blue Eyes @ Poetic Colours (Free!)

~Backdrop is Floral Chinese Fabric @ KO


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