Botanical Beauties- **Angelwing**

I was saddened to hear that Angel6 Susanti of Angelwing had been badly treated when she set out a wedding dress for free in her store in both mod/copy and transfer versions and people had been snapping up 20 copies to sell on at a considerable profit no doubt so i IMd her to say I was sorry to hear this. This lovely designer gave me a review copy of this stunning  Forest Silks ensemble – I love all things botanical and although you might not wearing it for your average nighclub or mall visit…if you exploring beautiful sims like the Lost World or the  Chakyrn Forest, why not don some sensuous tendrils and get down with nature?

Angel6 also revealed that although her first floor is currently full of lovely gowns, she loves the creative challenge of the fantasy outfits and wants to concentrate on them increasingly more. From traditional silks to cutting edge gowns, her store offers a lot of possibilities.

The wedding dress is still available free in a copy only version, plus the lovely green camisk shown below is also free.

Posing with unicorns and forest creatures that kept getting into shot!

Elfie Wears:

Angelwing Forest Silks : 350L

Hair: Current subscriber group from Shag: La La Love Me in blonde

Shape: soon to be released Auriole from Curvy Silhouettes

Skin: Pink Fuel – Skye (Leafy)

Serena Wears:

Angelwing Green Caste Camisk Set FREE

Shape: Emile petite shape from Curvy Silhouettes

Skin: Amariah– Cheeralicious A.Francis Missy skin Pale M1- 12oL  2 lovely dollarbie dresses  also in store but not marked as such I don’t think (but one is called Olivia and is located quite near the skin and shape vendor)

Hair: Liriope – Nat in Platinum – this superb hair store has frequent gifts and dollarbies so do check it out!

Ok enough sylvan fantasies for one day….I was so tempted to call the post Nymphs and Horns lol….


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