~Auma Sculpt Shoes and Boots Sale!*($50 to $150)

This is a hasty post to alert you all of a small Boots & Shoe Sale @ Auma.  The boots above are red leather croc style & only $150!  They come in a selection of wonderful colours (see the display board below).  Must dash as I have an early morning start but this shop really has incredibly good designs & the little sale is a great introduction to this label…find betty boop pumps, flat ballet style pumps, all sculpted & in great textures…sale in corner at back of shop…

Super Long Red Sculpt Boots@ Auma ($150 Sale)

Sky Lingerie @ Lovelace (previously $99 Special..now $199)

Petite Hair @ KC (Subscribo gift)

Xmas Dew Skin @ Fhang Candy

Chinese Fabric Backdrop @ KO

Nite Nite

Xanthe xx


2 thoughts on “~Auma Sculpt Shoes and Boots Sale!*($50 to $150)

  1. Oh you most welcome! I never wear boots…that is probs something I shouldn’t be admitting to but I do like these. Although they aren’t scripted, they only needed minor adjustment and the quality is super. So hopefully lots of peeps will support their sale. Thanks again for the comment..you are a poppet. Hugzxxxxxx

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