~Sweetie Valentine MM @ Paradisis

This Sweetie Valentine Outfit @ Paradisis reminds me so much of what I used to wear in my early days except it didn’t look as yummy as this!  My standard attire then was black skirt with an interactive  Neko tail & high prim hair which regularly crashed SIMS..those were the days!  But I digress.  This pretty little outfit in the gorgeous, muted dusky pink silk textures combined with the cute little subtle plaid skirt is just the ticket if you want to look girly. It’s very well made & you can see lots of detailing & shading in the top which actually looks better on than in the above pic!  The skirt is menu driven for easy adjustment..as usual though I started fiddling before realising this..silly me. No harm done though.  You can revert to store rez & start again….Find this outfit in the Paradisis stall in the Valentine Market* square (just outside the shop). Incidently it has been a tragic day for the British fashion industry with the sad news of the premature death of Alexander McQueen.  He was an extraordinary designer who came from very humble beginnings (his father was a cabbie). He made an indelible mark on the fashion industry & although I have no personal connection with the  industry, he was undoubtedly a part of our cultural heritage.   


~Sweet Valentine Outfit @ Paradisis (MM Gift)

~Julia hair @ Hairshop Junwave

~Corsage de Fleurs do Noire @ Tomoto

~Auriole Shape (unreleased) @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes::

~Backdrop is Chinese Fabric @ KO


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