Ever Hopeful* than forever Hopeless*… (HOD review item)

Frankly I can’t get enough of them (piercings that is..).  I do not need any persuasion to wear them at the moment.  Anyway, what better way to celebrate Valentines than wear this pretty & approriately named “Hopeful” nose & mouth piercing set @ Haus of Darcey (HOD).  The set comes in two colours (light & dark shadowed versions). The darker version is entitled “Hopeless” but that’s not how I am feeling at the minute. Despite the head full of flu & no date for Valentine I am wearing the “Hopeful” set;) . Both come with a matching rosary necklace & are M/C.  The description & true meaning of the rosary necklaces is contained in a notecard, the significance of each eloquently described by Aydan Darcey of HOD.  I will not spoil the  fun by quoting the contents of the n/c. Well, let’s just say it is interesting & one hopes…spread the lurvee……


~”Hopeful” Piercings Set @ HOD (comes in light and dark version)

~”L” Miso Skin in natural @ Leafy ($125 limited pre-release offer)

~Country Henhouse Lark “Karen” Blouse @ Gumi’s Bad Box

~Petite Emile Shape* @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes::  ($10 Special)

~Amelia Hair in Arctic @ Exile of Covent


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