~After Dinner Loveliness @ LoveLace

Yes, this does feel a bit like an ode to LoveLace but this lingerie set is just too delicious not to share!  In truth, I acquired 2 items for price of 2.  There was a slight scripting error & I ended up buying the Licorice item blogged below, instead of the Peppermint AfterDinner set above but the lovely Dolce Blagflag  promptly sent me the correct set which I knew I would love :).  Anyway,  I do not really need an excuse to blog these items as they are exceptional :).  Thank you Dolce!  So remember there is a new item on “Special” everyday for $99 before it is sold for $199.  Also do check out the previous releases which are selling for $50.  LoveLace delivers high quality items at very affordable prices & you have just got to support this lovely designer. 


~Peppermint AfterDinner Lingerie @ LoveLace

~Pink Fuel Skin in Pink @ Valentines Bazaar

~Ivanka Hair @ Sweet Hair by Sweet Faces

 Shape* @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes::


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