Boon Boon POW!

This sexeh. sasseh. shineh hair style is the current Group Gift from Boon, so a full pack of colours will be yours if you join up and check the notices…but do visit the store too..more gifts plus some interesting and innovative ‘dos for your wearing pleasure will await and it’s always good to explore the work of lesser known but very talented creators.

Short  hair is so fab in SL as it can frame the face beautifully and frankly long tendrils disappearing into ample bosoms is not the best of looks is it?

Yep the girrrl's got issues.. Valentine's..elfie style

 “Ohhh Emo hair” my friend piped up (well I was wearing the black) but i think the range would suit so many looks, even a pair of funky pierced elf ears with a pink skull plug…these were a special 50L offer at M2M (Minutes to Midnight) and I urge you to have a look there, as the store offers superb little bargain shoes, clothes, accessories and even now some skins – great for when you are feeling funky and colourful. Regular group gifties too!


3 thoughts on “Boon Boon POW!

  1. long hair, bosoms, vanishings. i know exactly what you mean! and what’s worse is the vanishing tendril that reappears on teh other side of the boobies as though it had gone *in* and then *out* teh other side. i hate that!

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