~BB Bird of Paradise Gown (Group Gift)

It is rare you will see me in a gown (being an incorrigible tomboy at heart! 🙂 ).  But…I have made an exception (& took off the signature jeans) for this extraordinary gown.   I think it is the perfect gown for Valentine’s & a welcome change from red.  It has these lovely feather’s attached to the bodice & skirt which “swish” as you walk .Very feminine indeed & perfect or a night out at eg Phat Cats Jazz Club.  OMG I remember arriving there once as a noobie & looking more than a little unpalatable for such an establishment giggles*. But they treated me so well..they scooped me up to the “Powder Room” & gave me a choice of gowns to wear..awwwwwvery sweet… :))


~Bird of Paradise Gown @ Bliss Beningborough (Group gift!)

~Dita Skin @ Glance

~Charlotte Shape* @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes::

~Cassandra Hair*in Ash @ Exile

~Autumn Blue Eyes @ Poetic Colours (Previous Giftie)



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