Veggie Patch Girl @ Kuri Style

Gosh..this veggie patch is hard work! Just as well the pretty Denim Fur Dress @ Kuri Style cost only $2! I have been a fan of Kuri’s designs for some time & I am delighted to be able to promote her rather unique, Japanese inspired creations. Her shop has a variety of affordable goodies including super poses, dresses & gowns.
~Denim/Fur Dress @ Kuri Style ($2)
~Juliette Hair in Champagne @ Exile
~Emile Petite Shape (Special* $10) @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes::
~Alyson Skin @Belleza (Group Gift $250 join fee)
~Bangles & Earring @ CCD
I took a leaf out of the gorgeous & artistic LisaMunn’s book & took this shot in Adelaide..a lovely nature SIM. I am usually lazy about backdrops but liked this particular SIM. Lots of little pose animations including a washer woman one. I had to beat a hasty retreat though as my knees ached from all that kneeling in the veggie patch! LOL

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