Originally uploaded by Elfie Quar
 This superb floaty, swishy little SUNDRESS  is just one of the gifts currently available at Trashy Girls in Style (TGIS) – don’t be put off  by the name- this store has many fabulous gems including lingerie, dresses and gladiator sandals in a ton of colours for just 50L. More dollarbies and gifts too! I somehow thought it was a spring dress hence the pic but hey… I’m pretty new to all this blogging lark lol!


Chilly and miserable?… get a spring in your step especially with the stunning Alyson skins group gift from Belleza- blogged widely since its release yesterday, the skins are wow ooh and mmm! and so so SO worth the 250L group join fee-  sign up and check notices to get your mitts on them now!

Hair is a free gift at Hairy Situations right now – Cookie in Nutmeg

Emile Shape by Curvy Silhouettes –  New release from Xanthe is only 50L now for the Haiti Appeal! This tall, slender yet curvy shape is simply beautiful, sexy and commanding and we want to populate the grid with CURVES for a CAUSE- brand new release, absolute bargain…. (Have to admit this shape + Belleza cleavage + bikini nearly caused me to hyperventilate lol!) Heres a link to the POS vendor pic I did for the shape



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