~Paradise Eyes @ I-Ball Creations

Paradise Eyes @ I-Ball

Link to I-Ball: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sobaeksan/70/160/1202

Feel beautiful & make a statement with these amazing Paradise Eyes @ I-Ball.  Sheeny, shiny, & with exquisite detail, these natural looking eyes twinkle gently from a distance & are made by the highly artistic &  talented creater, Skinz Neox, who is definately a rising star in terms of delivering realism to your SL experience. Check out his other selection of eyes which include Lycan eyes, Vampire eyes, Neko & Cyborg eyes.  Skinz Neox also creates custom made eyes to suit your particular needs. Some eyes  have additional features such as “glow in the dark” (which can add a hint of danger to your look). Or they can be personalised even more by having your lover’s name etched in the iris.  Eyes cost $100 & are incredible value for the quality.  Custom eyes cost between $250-$450. I am sure we will be seeing more of this extraordinary designer….. Thank you to Lilac for the tip!

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