~Zaara Maala Giftie (Fusion SIM), Skin Halloween Giftie by P.S Style, & Hair by Biedermanns

Outfit by Zaara & Skin P.S.Style

Link to Zaara @ Fusion SIM (Outfit): http://slurl.com/secondlife/Fusion%20Crossing/149/51/24/

Link to Biedermanns (Hair): http://slurl.com/secondlife/Vice%20Pointe/81/82/25

Link to P.S Style (Skin): http://slurl.com/secondlife/Novum/55/192/23

The fun of dressing up in SL is going for total impact, whether it be through clothes, skin & hair. And if you are brave, you can go for whole shabang or total “overkill” .  Here, I have opted for skin & hair overkill.  This unashamedly romantic & pretty Hair with floral corsage by Biedermanns (AB Silene Cocoa Hair $140).  The pretty “made up” Halloween skin by P.S. Style (Elena Halloween- a freebie).  Finally, the Maala cargo & tank set & bangles are by Zaara.  Bangles are $5.  Close up of P.S. Style skin below.

P.S. Style Elena Halloween Skin

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